What do you desire?
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What do you desire?

You are always looking for something. It’s something which is deep inside yourself, a seed, a meaning, a desire, yourcontinue reading

You are always looking for something. It’s something which is deep inside yourself. A seed, a meaning, a desire, your purpose. You were created to be the person you feel and wish to be!

You shouldn’t be the person others have pushed you to be, only to fulfil their dreams.
You are your own life vision. The person who has the ability to see the little differences, where others see nothing. You are the person doing significant work when you are in your own zone and feel the flow. (Video)

Your Purpose, your Flow!

You are the person who dreams, creates and has a vision. You envision what your life might be, but your true potential is much bigger than you always thought!
You are a Masterpiece. Unique with unbelievable potential. You are really gifted and passionate. There is only one YOU in this universe.

Do not listen to all the naysayers, to the negativity and those who are always pessimistic.
Be the spark in the darkness. Use your inherent gifts and potentials, combined with your responsibilities, to create a better world.

Become the best version of yourself!

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Reading & Inspiration Tip:

Jon Gordon (2011): The Seed. Finding Purpose and Happiness in Life and Work. John Wiley & Sons Inc., ISBN-10: 0470888563

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