Regrets should not feel wrong or bad!
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Regret – The new sense of balance.

This present moment will only exist now and therefore it is so valuable to be in the moment and let your dreams come true.

Every passing moment in life we will never get again!

Just like now! This present moment will only exist now and therefore it is so valuable to be in the moment and let your dreams come true.

mann_im WaldOften, we hear people talking about their regrets. What kinds of chances or possibilities they had or what they missed in their life. They are talking about their bitterness and disappointments. Grief and sorrow are the prevailing feelings, most of the time at the end of their lives.

Life is not a relay race and doesn’t happen like an assembly-line work. Life does not have a universal formula to succeed.

There are so many ways and methods in which we live our life and how we give our life a meaning! Regrets can play an important role in our life because they can be used as a powerful lesson. (Video)

Regrets give our life a meaning in relation to our surrounding in the world where we are living in.

These regrets are based on our personal beliefs and are a reflection of the society in which we were educated.

Regrets on their own are not a bad thing! They should not be connected to the feeling of being wrong or bad. Regrets may cause stagnation or paralysis because we dwell on what we could have or should have done.

Regrets are like an additional sense. They are like the sense of life’s balance.


If our horizon is out of balance in life, we feel detached from our beliefs, because we lost our point of reference. We are unbalanced and regret our present situation based on our past experiences.

But regrets are fantastic teachers!

Own your regrets and learn from them. Welcome them, listen to them, write them down and use them to create the kind of life you love to live.

Learning from your regrets by writing them down is a powerful planning tool for your future life!

If you realized the bitterness, you have the chance to evaluate it carefully by writing it down. You can keep the meaning of your regrets in your mind and create a future plan.

Whenever a similar situation appears again which produced regrets in the past, you can react immediately. Now you are able to design your life!

You gained a new kind of awareness of your life and you have the chance to change your life to the way you wish to live it. Regrets are fantastic phenomena.


They can show you and teach you the deep meaning of your life.

Every year is a new year.

Every month is a new month.

Every week is a new week.

Every day is a new day.

Every moment is a new moment.

Make an appointment with your disappointment and bend your reality!

Own your regrets and learn from them.

Watch a short Video about regrets:

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