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Mindfulness helps us to connect.

Many of us have difficulties to feel what we need. We live by external rules. They tell us how we should feel and behave and when we should eat. We ignore hunger signals, suppress unpleasant emotions and present our smiley-face despite not feeling well. Finally, we are afraid to communicate how we feel or to eat when we are hungry, because we unlearned to trust the signals of our body.

As a consequence, we often search for mechanisms to cover our real needs, instead of dealing with them directly. We might eat when we are bored, have a drink when we feel lonely or binge-watch our favorite TV show when we feel angry.

Mindfulness can help us to resuscitate our mind-body connection.

Taking some time to observe how we feel can be the start of more wellbeing, happiness, and health.

Pause, take a deep and calm breath and try to figure out how you feel, right now!

Taking some time to observe how we feel can be the start of more wellbeing, happiness, and health.

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10 comments on “Mindfulness helps us to connect.

  1. Right now I feel like with my blogs I miss connectivness with my followers and I want them to feel like we are a family and that we can talk and share things but the Truth is that i feel lonely and disconnected to them due to the lack of comments . I have even tried to do a Q and A but I ‘ve had no Q . Also as I am french writing in English I feel like French are not reading that much English so that’s perhaps an issue of environment .

    • Sowubana.me

      You connected with us! We liked your article and we are a new follower! If you like to express yourself and write meaningful content, you are on a very good way! Share, like and comment – connect with others like we connecting just know! Donโ€™t worry about follower, they will come! Write and learn at the same time and feel great! The language will not be an issue. The heart has no language! Enjoy your articles – I will enjoy them too!

      • thank you very much , your gentle heart simply sended light into mine , you made my day! I am so grateful to have you my Mj’s ! Yes what about you ? How do you feel , and ,What is your vision for your blog ?

      • Sowubana.me

        ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ We love expressiveness, sharing our emotional thoughts and ideas through our stories, to encourage people to believe in their dreams and life vision. We just started blogging 2-2.5 month back. English is not my first language and I can understand what you are saying! But itโ€™s a challenge!

      • yes I feel you , This is a wonderful vision , Your blog is stunning by the way wow in 2 -3 months what you ‘ve achieved is Amazing ! , and what is your first language ? yes it is a great challenge ^^

      • Sowubana.me

        No,English is not my first language but I try my best to express what I think and feel! Itโ€™s a challenge but itโ€™s a good one!

      • Congrats ! You’re doing an amazing job ! By the way you’re welcomed on my meeting and talking Platform : https://drivendreamers870982957.wordpress.com/blog/ and feel free to introduce yourself under the first article ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to create a sort of social media of like-minded people who are driven dreamers ๐Ÿ™‚ Moreover ,there is also a Facebook group feel free to join us as well ^^

  2. Hello,

    nice post…read my latest article on mindfulness…how it can change your life


    • Sowubana.me

      Thank you for your comment! I will have a look! Enjoy your Sunday! ๐Ÿ™‚

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