Childhood memories are so beautiful!
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The smell of the rain.

The smell of rain relaxes people and reduces stress by 60%!

Imagine you are walking through a forest or amongst a beautiful summer wildflower meadow. It is a hot summer day and it starts raining heavily!

Imagine that you can smell the rain, the soil, grass and leaves! You are breathing in and you inhale nature, you are breathing out and feel how relaxed you are.

The smell of rain relaxes people and reduces stress by 60%!

Wonderful world of flowers!What an amazing occurrence, but rain is not only a fragrance – it’s your memory. It’s your childhood, it’s your feeling of freedom, abundance and deep happiness! It is not only a feeling or nostalgic sensation, it is an existing connection from your olfactory sense to the emotional centre of your brain, which is causing your relaxed state of mind. (Video)

Maybe you weren’t happy as a teenager when you had to trim the lawn, but today the fresh scent is making you happy! This phenomenon and other similar memories like the taste of your favourite food, a love song or the favourite movie are correlated with past experiences and deeply connected with a natural system of stress relief. These stimulating effects are highly important for our wellbeing and personal development.

Nature is so beautiful!

Therefore it is so important to know what kind of stimulus will catapult us into a positive state of mind. Positive emotions and a relaxed state of mind are the best foundations for a mental and physical development. When we are in a relaxed state of mind, we are more capable to learn, can increase our creativity, productivity and efficiency.

At the same time, other people around us will realise how relaxed we are and will become relaxed themselves. It’s a chain reaction of calmness and connectivity.

Nature is a beauty!

Tell us your personal natural stress relief system! Share it with us and spread your ‘smell of the rain’.

The smell of rain relaxes people and reduces stress by 60%!

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