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Three Friends for Life

Imagine this situation, with all the details and consequences!

Three friends and three wishes

Imagine, having three wishes free, but you have no idea what you wish for! Because you don’t want the wishes to expire, you can request three good friends or family members to help you. If they decide to help you, they can express the wish for you, but you can no longer intervene! Who would be the three people and why would you choose them? You should keep in mind that all wishes will be fulfilled immediately and might accompany you for the rest of your life!

How will your life change by choosing your wishes? Keep in mind, they choose for you!

Are they willing to select the right wishes to make you feel better or will they instead choose their own wishes to fulfil their dreams? Do the people around you know you well enough and are they able to realise how you feel within?

Choosing the right people around you is really important for a good life.

Imagine this situation, with all the details and consequences! If you have three people determined, call them, visit them or arrange a meeting. Tell them that they are the people you trust, and they are essential, in your life! A life without friends is a life without joy!

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A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself. (Jim Morrison)

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