About Us

We are the faces and minds behind Sowubana.me.

Our aim is to encourage, inform and unleash human potential, because we believe in the beauty of existence and personal development.

As a couple we are the perfect combination to create powerful content to help people find their inner strength, happiness and purpose. Our personal life is enriched by the way we breath in every day’s life.

DSC_0257 - Kopie (2)At the moment we are living in Southeast Asia in the City of Singapore. We were born in Germany and love to travel, learn and find wisdom around the world. For more than 30 years we have worked with people of all walks of live to enhance their personal performance.

Equipped with the secrets of martial arts, science, scientific research, psychology, coaching, yoga and a huge pool of experience we want to help enhance the lives of people globally.

We love to be connected to people of different cultures and are amazed how technology allows us to experience diversity and to inspire humans around the world.

Here you can read more about us:

2 comments on “About Us

  1. What a beautiful word sowubana is – akin to the Sanskrit namaste. It is my new word for the day 🙂 Thank you Dirk and Magdalena for the follow of my blog. Sowubana 🙂

    • Sowubana.me

      Thank you very much Raili! We are very happy to hear your comment! The word Sowubana has a beautiful sound and a wonderful meaning! Have a great day Raili – we see you too! Sowubana.

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