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The Real Journey

From a clearly defined starting point to a particular endpoint.

The Gap

If people want to change themselves personally, they compare these changes often with a journey. Travelling always takes place when people cover a certain distance between two points. From a clearly defined starting point to a particular endpoint. The gap in between is called a journey!

A Spiritual Transformation!

If we go on a so-called inner journey, it means we want to change ourselves in some way! Often, it is called a spiritual transformation!

But one question remains. Which route do we take?

There is no clear starting point, and there will be no final destination because it will take place within a person!

A transformation is not a journey, but rather an awakening of one’s potential! Humans do not need to seek the desired abilities in the outside world, because they are dormant in them! Just the fact that people have a sincere desire to change is the indication of an undeveloped ability.

Do Not Hustle

The changes we want can be aroused with consciousness in everyday life, staying and enjoying the present moment full of awareness. The only problem in this context is that we always live in a hustle.

Sit still

Many humans can not sit still and are always in search of something new! Driven by this constant unrest, we can not awaken our inner potential! It would be so easy – Sit still and listen!

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you. (Deepak Chopra)

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