The Ancient Law of Life
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The Ancient Law of Life

Trees are mystics, and we should listen to them.

Ancient Answers

Trees are mystics, and we should listen to them when they waver in the wind. Maybe they will let you know the answers to all your questions, and perhaps you are able to speak to them too. Only the wind knows the answer, and this is your unique chance listen to the truth.

The Ancient Law of Life

Trees are not dictating life, because they know the ancient law of life. Trees will support growth with respect and kindness, deeply rooted in their own mission.

The seed of eternity

With high confidence and sovereignty, they master the worst storms to be your role model. Made from a single seed to reveal eternity in its smallest detail.

The seed of eternity

The power and aspiration to grow is the dormant nature of trees. Unavoidable and decisive – the maxim will be maxed out. Their motivation is trust and not the fear of failing.

The secret of life

They live out the secret of their seed until they die, and they do not care for anything else. Their life has a meaning…

Trees are the earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven. (Rabindranath Tagore)

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